Launch of ‘Path’: The ‘anti-social network’

The announcements of Facebook email and the Beatles on iTunes are not the only big social media news stories of the last few days. Since the launch of Path – dubbed the ‘anti-social network’ may have passed you by, here is a bit of a recap…

Instead of sharing pictures and messages with a wide range of fans or followers like most social networks, Path gives you a limit of fifty friends. They cannot comment on your pictures, nor can they ‘like’ them. In short, it is a photo-sharing site based on sending your closest friends and families pictures with accompanying captions that you write.

This is no threat to Twitter, but is likely to be hugely successful all the same. In the grand scheme of things, we are still in our infancy when it comes to social media. It is highly likely that we will want more and more personal, intimate experiences with social media, and this kind of platform represents a model that could be followed by others.

Facebook email is another sign of the increasing interconnectivity of numerous social media platforms. But will we tire of broadcasting to the world and seek more private, closed networks in the future? If so, any attempt to engage with audiences in these spaces will make it even more important to be personal, relevant and trustworthy.

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